It is a specialized electric electronic devices and components agency company to link Electronics Co., Ltd. Of the department. Assemble the world-famous brand, make the domestic and first-class module of power and power module " supermarket ". Creat in the company in a short period of a few years, market-oriented, regard customer as the centre, have obtained the proud achievement in different fields such as technology , quality , management ,etc., our agent"s products spread all over the whole country and Southeast Asia Hong Kong and Taiwan, product quality, after-sale service are well received by consumers.


Rely on our enormous advantage :            
1, Firsthand direct source of goods ;        
2, The most favorable price;             
3, Absolute quality assurance , serve the masses of customers sincerely, create beautiful future.

We there are offices in the Northeast, southwest, regard specialized level as the vast user service.
 Our agent"s products are as follows, Mitsubishi, three societies, three is cultivated , Fuji, Toshiba, Siemens, a health of the west, Motorola, IR, what foreign famous companies such as EUPEC , IXYS ,etc. produced will GTR , IGBT , IPM , PIM , silicon controlled rectifier , brilliant first tube , resume diode , rectification bridge , electrolytic electric capacity of Hitachi soon, fast fuse box and Company and DC/DC that Company produce , LAMBDA of Japan , , VICOR of U.S.A. ,,, AC/DC power module and power correct the module of power.

Our huge production organization:
 Produce the electrolytic electric capacity of low-voltage aluminium of high school, there are serial specifications such as CD11X , CD11 , CD11W , CD110 , CD288 , CD263 , CD288L , CD263H , CD71 , CD17S. Our company has advanced quality checkout equipment , outstanding administrative staff and technical backbone, set up complete quality testing and guarantee the system, the products pass ISO9001 , 2000 quality system authentication ownly. We welcome friends from all directions and would appreciate the advice sincerely!

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